Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Padmaja Krishnan, India's hidden secret now in Melbourne

Every material we see is usually what our memory recalls it as. However, when we add imagination to this memory there lies a possibility of a transformation, the possibility that the same materials be redefined and given an alternative life, form and meaning .

A piece of fabric lying on the it scrap to be discarded or could it be part of a beautiful textile yet to be created.

2 sleeves with cuffs, a collar and a that a skirt? a shirt? or could it be flipped over as a bag? Its all of that and more, depending on your imagination.

Born in Kolkata, India in 1976, Padmaja Krishnan studied commerce at Kolkata University and fashion design at India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Today, she states three ambitions:
firstly, to observe and reflect in her designs the relationship between human behaviour and clothing;
secondly, to integrate the work of traditionally skilled artisans with modern design practice; thirdly, tocombine sustainability and social responsibility with humour and delight.

The first objective was clear from the outset: her graduating menswear collection from NIFT was a comment on how cultural and gender roles had changed since the industrial revolution. The second and third principles are widely evident in a portfolio of consultancy, research and training assignments to government and privately-funded conservation initiatives. These range from the promotion of the rare indigenous silk weaving and textile techniques of Meghalaya, Assam and Nepal, to workshops with traditional embroiderers and palm-leaf weavers.

Krishnan set up her company Transit Design, in 2005. Transit Studio is a small-scale fashion and textile “laboratory” developing a line of “non-conformative, quirky and peaceful” clothing for men and women, as well as a collection of curious and finely detailed handcrafted products in cotton, silk, leather and other
natural materials.

We particularly loved Padmaja's art- Handcrafted laptops- See it to believe it-

Watch out for Krishnan's select quilts and garments at So Ethic, Melbourne- SOON!

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